History and Traditions

Costadoro produces Quality Bardolino wine, and makes it extremely well!
We cultivate our own vineyards, situated in the ancient zone of BARDOLINO CLASSICO DOC wine. The production of wine is the main and only activity of the Lonardi family, since more than 100 years.

There is a very old olive tree in Costadoro's farm courtyard. It's famous all aroung the Lake and gives a clear idea of the long tradition of the Costadoro Winery.
Ancient Olive plant, it has also a tradition says that it's the first to be cultivated on the east side shore of Lake Garda.

If you come to visit us we will receive you in our cellar and you'll taste the wine we produce, and we are certain that you'll be satisfied and happy.
At the same time you could buy our wines, sure of quality and sure of the good product you will bring at home.
Valentino Lonardi, young estate owner, born in a winegrowers family. His father and grandfather cultivated the ground and he studied as an agricultural surveyor.

"20 years ago, in collaboration with Piacenza University, we started to automate and then we started to experiment with several new technologies and kinds of wines to grow", Valentino says.

Today the product isn't only a living necessity, it's also an expression of oneself and tradition of the family.
All Costadoro Winery Estates are in Bardolino, on the hills of Lake Garda hills, clasified as the "Bardolino Classico Doc" zone.

The winery, located in the center of the estate, seems to silently regulate the vineyards around it.

Peaceful and green surroundings are an appropriate setting for the Bed & Breakfast accomodations at the Costadoro Winery Estate since the year 2002.
The origin of the name of "Bardolino" wine entails the geographic production zone around the locality of Bardolino.

The production of "Bardolino" include the townships of Bardolino, Garda, Lazise, Affi, Costermano, Cavaion, Torri del Benaco, Caprino, Rivoli, Pastrengo, Bussolengo, Sona, Sommacampagna, Castelnuovo, Peschiera and Valeggio.

The name "Bardolino classico" is exclusively reserved to wine made in the ancient zone of the townships of Bardolino, Lazise, Garda, Affi, Costermano and Cavaion.